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Junior Grading Syllabus

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20-19th Kyu Black Stripe 1

The first junior grading focuses on the detail of punching (Choku-zuki and Oi-zuki)

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19-18th Kyu Black Stripe 2

Junior grading two focuses on upward block (age-uke)

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18-17th Kyu Black Stripe 3

Junior grading three focuses on outside to inside block (soto-uke)

17-16th Kyu Black Stripe 4

Junior grading four focuses on knife hand block (shuto-uke)

16-15th Kyu Black Stripe 5

Junior grading five focuses on low level block (gedan-barai)

15-14th Kyu Black Stripe 6

Junior grading six focuses on front kick (mae-geri)

14-13th Kyu Black Stripe 7

Junior grading seven focuses on side thrust kick (yoko-geri kekomi)

13-12th Kyu Black Stripe 8

Junior grading eight focuses on side snap kick (yoko-geri keage

12-11th Kyu Black Stripe 9

Junior grading nine focuses on all of the above and execution of the kata Heian Shodan

11th -10th Kyu Black Stripe 10

Junior grading ten is the same as junior grading nine but adds five step sparring with a partner (gohon kumite)

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