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Our aim is to make Karate as readily available as possible while covering the basics (such as rent, insurance and replacement equipment). Our instructors do not get paid which ensures that prices can be kept low for everyone.


JKS Karate Chester (Hoole) operates a PAYT (Pay As You Train) scheme which is explained below. Beyond these costs you will be expected to purchase an annual licence and pay for your gradings (also below).


Special events throughout the year, such as seminars with visiting instructors, will have their own costs to reflect the requirement to reimburse those instructors for their time and effort and prices for these can be found on our courses and events page


Class costs

£3 - £2

Your first class in any week costs £3 and all subsequent classes paid for that week are £2. Families are also eligible for this discount.


Therefore if you train twice a week the cost will be £5, if a family of 2 trains once per week the cost will be £5, if the same family of 2 trains twice per week the cost is £9

JKS License & Grading Book


Your initial years license costs £24.50 and all subsequent licenses cost £18 per annum.

You can apply online for a License and Grading book here  

Your license and grading record provides you with proof of your current grade and member to member public liability insurance.

Kyu Gradings (at Hoole)


This is the cost to attend a grading at one of our regional centres in Manchester with Red Tiger Karate. Costs to grade at any of our other regional centres may vary. Information on gradings can be found here 

Information for your grading syllabus can be found here

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