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Senior JKS Instructors

Get to know some important people!


Masao Kagawa 9th Dan

Chief Instructor JKS Worldwide

Masao Kagawa Shihan was born in Osaka in 1955. He graduated from Teikyo University and went on to become a Japan Karate Association instructor & competitor before moving on to become Chief Instructor of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei (JKS). Besides being one of the very best technicians to have been produced by the JKA and JKS, he is also a world class teacher - as proven by the always fully booked classes and seminars that he conducts around the world.

His list of competitive achievements is substantial - rather than list them you can see them here.

He is currently chief instructor of the JKS  and Chairman of the Technical Committee for the World Karate Federation (the only World Governing body recognised by the International Olympic Committee).

Allan Campbell JKS.png

Alan Campbell 7th Dan

Chief Instructor JKS England

Alan Campbell Sensei is both Chief Instructor of JKS England and technical director of the organisation. He has trained and graded under Sensei's Kato, Asai and Kagawa and represented his country at a competitive level.

 His goals for karate are the goals for JKS England and can be identified as follows:

  1. To teach traditional Shotokan karate as taught at the JKS Honbu dojo, Japan.

  2. To provide a legitimate and fair organisation.

  3. To allow access to the best instruction and competition.

  4. To have all Dan grades registered with Japan HQ. 

  5. To allow members to qualify as JKS instructors, examiners and referees.

  6. To help students and instructors achieve their goals within karate

  7. To maintain and develop the connection with Japan.

  8. To actively promote JKS England members to enter Teikyo University and the Honbu Dojo Instructor’s Course.

JKS England feels that only by actively promoting talented students and instructors, can it develop and grow into a major force within the karate world. 

Paul Wolstencroft RedTiger_edited.png

Paul Wolstencroft 5th Dan

Chief Instructor Red Tiger Karate Manchester

Of all our senior instructors, Paul is the one you are most likely to see regularly as he will be grading you through the Kyu grade syllabus. 

Paul's karate journey can be found in detail here but in short, he is a passionate advocate of the continuing and ongoing development of karate. His formative training experiences under Sensei Colin Needham reinforced the importance of training with as many different instructors as possible.


As such he has trained with recognised experts in karate from across the world (Matt Price Sensei, Kanazawa Sensei, Tomiko Mitsuoka Sensei, George Best Sensei, Frank Brennan Sensei, Nagaki Sensei, Nick Heald Sensei, Yamaguchi Sensei and Bob Rhodes Sensei to name a few). He also regularly travels to Tokyo and has had the honour to train at the JKS World Headquarters.

With a wealth of experience across karate, his affiliation to JKS speaks for itself. Paul is keen to support the development of world class standards in karate and his inclusive, open approach is mirrored by the JKS and here at JKS Chester in Hoole.

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