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About KSH Karate CIC

Find the goodness within

Our community interest company was set up in 2019 shortly after JKS Chester was established to promote the wide ranging physical, mental and emotional benefits that come with karate practise. 

Few sports have an explicit moral and ethical code that permeates both practise and performance. Karate does, repeated at every class this code encompasses the development of personal character, sincerity, etiquette, self control and the application of effort.

With a focus on the development of personal discipline and self mastery or self control, it is our view that karate practise has the potential to positively change lives among those lacking direction and at risk of social isolation or exclusion. 

KSH Karate CIC delivers projects in the Chester area specifically to support those at risk from social isolation or exclusion 


to strive for the perfection of character

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